Our Name

The word “Posto” in the Bengali language means “poppy seeds,” an important ingredient in traditional Bengali-Indian cuisine. In Italian, Posto means ‘the place’ or ‘meeting place’.

The two meanings are great way to describe our food and our philosophy: small flavourful plates of freshly-prepared food inspired by Bengali and Kolkata cuisine, and served in a warm, relaxing setting that is perfect for an afternoon lunch, a light evening meal, or a dinner and night out with friends and family.

Our Journey

Our journey started with our founder Pritha’s first supper club at her small flat in north-west London. News of her delicious home-cooked meals and her passion for cooking spread quickly through the Bengali-Indian community in the UK. To keep up with popular demand, she started “Kolkata Kitchen”, and began cooking for larger events and festivals.

Pritha’s dream was always to open a sit-down restaurant with a Kolkata ambience. A group of her Bengali friends loved the idea and joined hands with her to start Posto. Our collective passion is to make Kolkata food and culture famous in the UK and around the world!

Our Food

The food of Kolkata is traditional Bengali cuisine alongside dishes inspired by various cuisines from India and around the world: Mughal, Awadhi, Chinese, Persian, Portugese, British and many more. Every dish on our menu is selected from this eclectic mix, and curated with care, highlighting this melting pot of cuisines and cultures.

383 Alexandra Ave, Harrow HA2 9EF

020 8868 4317